Shutters styles


Full Height

Full Height being the most popular option, this boasts off the entire window from bottom to top whilst keeping things simple. 



Café Style is a great way to give you privacy by covering the bottom half of your window but still allowing plenty of light from the top 


Bay Windows

These wonderful Victorian and Square bay windows can be transformed into a fantastic show pieces in your home in Full Height, Cafe or Tier-on-Tier 


Tier on Tier

Tier-on-Tier is a great way of gaining the best possible opportunity on controlling the light, privacy and view as you can independently move the bottom and top sections 


Solid Panel

Solid Panel shutters boast a more traditional look, helping block out almost all the light when closed. Perfect choice for period properties 


Track Systems & Doors

 Track Systems are a great way to cover those large opening whether that be bi-folding door opening or openings between two rooms. Track systems combined many panels to create one smooth opening. That's why you can even use these to create wardrobe doors. Either Bi-folding or By-pass 

Only available in hardwood

Special Shapes

That's right, as our shutters are bespoke we can even make shapes such as Circles, Radiating Circle, Half Round, Elongated, Arched, Angled, Triangle, Trapezoid and Octagon. We can even supply shutters for Velux Windows